About Us

The ETD Fire Academy was Founded in 2000 as an option for students that were working, had families, or had other daily commitments to be able to complete their firefighter certifications without leaving home to attend a full time college program. Online Fire and Medical Training Academy provides an enriched and diverse learning environment for our student. Combining advancing technology with the experience and knowledge of experienced firefighters, a program was conceived that gave candidates every available advantage to complete their training, obtain certification, and be on their way to pursuing the career of their dreams. It really is our goal to see you achieve yours and we have been doing that for hundreds of students across the world during the past years.

Being a firefighter is something you are, not something you become. It is deep within you to want to help others while working as a team of brothers and sisters. We would challenge you to attempt to find a single firefighter that does not like being one. Good Luck! Firefighters are some of the most loved, respected and admired people in society, but they are also human and did not get there on their own. It is our mission to not only train individuals in the skills of firefighting and rescue, but equally as important, to impress the values of Character, Honor, Respect, Integrity, Service & Teamwork on each candidate.
When asked what a fire department is looking for the most in new recruits, the most common answer is related to the character traits listed above. These are key to the core of being a firefighter and we can help them rise to the surface for recruitment officers and departments to see. This is how our students find so much success.

Our Instructors are passionate, experienced and eager to pass on their knowledge and experience to their students. Are you ready to start your future with us? Get in touch!

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